Presentation on risk mapping and assessment in the Ministry of Finance

February 14, 2020

Belgrade, February 2020 – A one-day presentation was organised earlier in February in the Ministry of Finance on the topic of „Risk mapping and assessment, on the example of Tax Administration of France”. The presentation was organised by the Department – Central Harmonisation Unit and the EU-funded Twinning project „Support to further development of public internal financial control (PIFC)”. The presentation was officially opened by the address of Ms. Spomenka Würzburger, assistant minister and the head of the Department – Central Harmonisation Unit and Mr. Fabien Decker, resident twinning advisor.

The lecturers for the presentation were Mr. Jean-François Delagnes and Mr. Christophe Dubois, from the General Directorate of Public Finances from France.

 The presentation was an opportunity to discuss the organisation and implementation of risk mapping, sampling and production of tools for the assessment and monitoring of risks at all organisational levels in the Ministry of Finance. A number of benefits were identified for the organisation through successful risk mapping and numerous practical examples were shown, based on which the participants were able to identify ways for improving the risk management process in their respective institutions.

PIFC project is funded by the EU and co-financed by the Republic of Serbia and will remain committed to bringing the ЕU experts and support transfer of knowledge and experience between Serbian colleagues and international experts.