Ministy of Finance, Department – Central Harmonization Unit

Central Harmonisation Unit (CHU) is the central organisation in the Republic of Serbia that is responsible for preparing and promoting financial management and control system (FMC) and internal Audit (IA) methodologies, in accordance with the internationally accepted standards and the best practice. CHU initiates, coordinates and monitors the implementation of new regulations relating to the responsibility of managerial structures (FMC systems) and IA, organises training of managers and employees engaged in FMC and internal auditors, and performs certification of internal auditors. The CHU Manager reports directly to the Minister of Finance on the development and progress in the area of PIFC in the previous period.

Expertise France, the French international technical cooperation agency

French international technical cooperation agency (under the joint supervision of the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs (MEAE) and the Ministries of Finance and Economy of France).  Their operations, via a transfer of know-how between peers, aim to build the capacities of partner countries to develop and implement high-quality public policies. Expertise France relies on an extensive network of French and European partners in order to meet the expertise requirements of partner countries. 

Ministry of Economy and Finance of the Republic of France

 Ministry of Economy and Finance of the Republic of France has the responsibility for the preparation and implementation of the Government’s economic and financial policy. Its general mission is to advise, prepare and execute the policy defined by the government in the field of economy, finance, spending and the repression of fraud as well as in industry, services, small and medium-sized businesses, crafts, trade, postal and electronic communications, monitoring and support for tourism activities.  



Resident Twinning Advisor (RTA)

Jean-François DELAGNES

MS Component I Leader


MS Component II Leader


MS Component III Leader